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Edison F. Cortez

When you lay eyes on an Edison Cortez design you are immediately struck by the craftsmen ship and fine attention to detail that has gone into each piece. The lines are sensuous and curvy. Whether it’s a short cocktail dress, a wedding gown, shirt, or an elaborate evening gown, there is always something captivating to the eye that makes you want to take a closer look.

When you wear one of his pieces you will notice the custom fit and feel because it fits like a glove and with perfection. It’s as if the body the piece become one. When you step into a room, be prepared to have all eyes turn to look at you. Cortez through his hard work, immense passion for art and fashion, combined with his heritage, has created a look and style that is uniquely his.

Edison Cortez was born in Los Angles. He first developed his interest in fashion at the age of 13 years while attending the Native American Performing Arts. This is an organization that teaches Pre-Columbian Native American Culture. Although his grandmother worked as a seamstress in the fashion industry, and he claims she was a huge influence in his life, Edison would say that he actually discovered his own passion for fashion when he began making traditional Regalia for himself. People around him were taking note of his artistic talents. Soon they became interested in his Art and commissioned him to make traditional outfits for them as well. In 2008, he attended the Art Institute of Hollywood. The Hollywood Campus takes all that Los Angles has to offer and uses it as a laboratory for understanding the complexity of cultures, industries, and image. He continued working on costumes for the Native American performers and selling Native American Art Supplies. He also Interned for a few Los Angeles based Designers.

In 2013, Cortez graduated from the Art Institute with a BFA and began working on his first collections. He has worked for Lorena Sarbu, Mark Zunino, Lily et Cie, and Barraci.

Cortez says that the Fashion Designers who have inspired him the most are Versace, because the designs are elegant and risky, Alexander McQueen, because it’s edgy, avant-guard and innovative, and Elie Saab, because it’s elegant conservative and sexy.

The fabrics that Cortez uses are silk fabrics that come from Italy. All the lace comes from France. The embroidery and embellishments are made the same way from the beginning of haute couture. His beadwork is outsourced but he creates the design and draws up the pattern. There is a woman in house who does all the beadwork but once again she too does it in the style of haute couture French beading. Cortez is proud to say that all the clothing is made right here in the United States.

In late 2013, Cortez launched his first collection at the Art Institute's portfolio show. Since then his name and his client list has continued to grow. His designs have graced runways, red carpets, awards shows, beauty pageants, live concerts, and they have been splashed on the pages of fashion magazines and editorial pieces. He has made custom gowns for various celebrities including, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Sofia Milos, Miss Bulgaria Lidia Ivanova, Heidi Balnavera (Mrs. Jaime Camil) Miss America 1994, Lu Parker, Tonantzin Carmelo(best Native American Actor) and many others.

Get ready to hear a lot more about this young and very talented Los Angeles based Fashion Designer. New York, Paris, Milan… the sky is the limit for Edison Cortez.


8581 Santa Monica Blvd #101, West Hollywood, CA 90069